Children's basic cooking party kit biscuits & cakes

Children's basic cooking party kit biscuits & cakes

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Each child's pack contains:

Paper chef’s hat

Disposable apron

Cookie cutter

Children’s rolling pin

Recycled box to take food home in

All of the above come in a Crafty Chefs paper bag for each child. In addition each child will also get:

Icing bag

Postcard invitations

And the Party organisers will get:

Recipe for biscuits and cakes

Running a cooking party booklet

Ingredients and Utensils list

Why not try this fun and original option for your child's next party?

You need to buy a minimum of 4 packs

Please note that we don't include the food itself in the pack, please specify which cutters you would like when ordering.

The estimated cost of the food for this party is (Summer 2008 prices) £1.25 - 75p PER CHILD (Lower figure is for larger parties)

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