Who are the Crafty Chefs?

Who are the Crafty Chefs?

Crafty Chefs Founder and Managing Director Morag Price.. 

I’m no earth Mother!!
However, four children down the line I am starting to realise that the most magical and memorable days of my children’s lives are the days when we go into the woods to make dens out of the logs and twigs we find.  Also the days I cover the kitchen table with newspaper and get the finger-paints and sequins out and with gay abandon cry “make me something”.  I love the days when I push the kitchen chair up to the work surface and ask  “who’d like to help me make dinner?”  Not even worrying about the mess that may be made!

Cooking is a life skill.  Children today have little awareness of what is involved in putting together a meal – and the fun you can have in doing so.  Children who are allowed to cook not only learn a great skill for adult life but also have a much stronger awareness of which foods are healthy, and which are not.  They also have a much better grasp of how to look after their bodies.  A child who has mixed, made and baked a chocolate cake understands that they may need exercise after eating it!  A child consuming a McDonalds meal is less likely to.

My working background is in Beauty Therapy, as an Air Stewardess (I could tell you some funny stories!), a classroom helper (very rewarding) and as a cook at anursery school.  The latter is where my bug really began.

My passions are children and food and I am incredibly excited about bringing the two together.

I hope you enjoy our website.. -  and happy cooking.

Franchisee Ailsa O'Shea

After spending 12 years working in BBC Training department, I realised I was ready for a new challenge that would fit around my family life. When I found out the North London franchise was available I felt this was my chance to try something completely different. With my passion for good home cooking & baking, Crafty Chefs is the perfect next step!

I’m really excited about showing children how quick & easy it is to rustle up good fresh food and let them take control. I think it is very important to educate children from an early age about food & cooking. After all it’s something we all have to do at some point in our lives, whether we like it or not. Crafty Chefs will now give me the opportunity to pass on the skills and knowledge which will help encourage children to learn about food and explore new flavours, in a fun and educational way whilst building confidence and encouraging independence. I’m really looking forward to taking over from October 2013.

My eldest daughter loves to cook and we spent a lot of time in the kitchen, whilst my youngest at the moment just eats it!